Wednesday, April 13, 2022

My Crave Cast Interview


When my interviewer Mr. Kurtis Workman lauded my mischief with the subtitle of How to Steal a Pond it insinuated more mischief. I can only say, “Corrupt people are so lame that they can never play by the rules though those rules were set by themselves.”

To find more fun and mischief listen to my interview on Crave Cast :

It is also available on several popular podcast channels (mostly login is not required and listening is FREE). Some channels are listed below. Pick your favorite one, listen and let me know how you find it.




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Crave Cast is a podcast by Crave Books. Crave Books [] is home of FREE and discounted books. You can check it here:

My interviewer Mr. Kurtis Workman is an extremely talented author and theater persona. He co-authored several books. When I asked permission to share his author page, he said that the real talent in the family is his wife. She writes Western Romances under the pen name of Erin Wright. Her Amazon author page is here She is a proponent of Wide publications and you can find her on other bookstores, online and otherwise, as well.

Looking forward to your reflections….

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