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Testimony of a Ghost Runner

It seemed that I had been waiting for eternity. Annoyed and worried, pacing up and down the room, time and again, I stepped into the balcony and looked down. Except for a drenched family of a stray cat and her kittens, curling up over each others’ body for warmth, beneath the shade of the entrance, there was no spec of life around. The shadow of street light in the shallow pool of rainwater beneath the light post is rippling in wind. A sudden yet very short spell of gusty wind broke a few branches of neem tree in the yard. Faint rumbling of thunder from higher clouds was persistent noise for that half of the day. Was it a knock at my door? I turned back and found Gjuly meddling with Fidgety.

Gjuly happened to be my pet ghost. It used to be so ghostly that it never had a gender. It never thought but acted. That was all I need. But my other pet ghosts were not same. Some of them used to be very argumentative. I kept them mostly for those days when I used to find myself in scarcity of wit…
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An Apparition @ WEP Entry # Antique Vase

My days start with pots and pans. As they roll further, I push 'l' after 'p' and cook stories. :)
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“If you dare break the glass around me, dare peep inside …… beyond the pride, which you call luster ..…. beyond two and half a millennium - stashed, trapped, within my pores … born of clay, burnt of fire, touched by a few twigs ..… I’m all Memory …... of decays of my long-gone siblings and clan .....” Through this outburst she confided for the first time. In a summer afternoon. I was sitting before her, appreciating red and black figurines on her lustrous black surface. At Northern Hall in this Villa de Papyri replica. Off duty. If lucky, my post on duty used to be her. Else, I used to spend awhile with her after my shift. That “awhile” used to range from half an hour to hours, depending on my other jobs and family engagements, since my first visit here, half a decade ago, to reconnect to my Mediterranean roots. Since that summe…

Voyage of Doriya a.k.a Dhee

I am not sure if the water is too cold. All I know that if the boat turns upside down, I shall bear the heat. Or, the cold, as it may appear. If I stuck to a shore before I reach my destination, I must find a way to proceed further South. All I know that nothing can impede me. Not even death because death is not impediment to life but a life event. Amidst anxiety if I can make it to South safe, my gladness for being far away from Crescendore, is quite conspicuous. Strange! Crescendore is the island I owned and built a civilization there. It is, now, about to turn into a raging volcano. The process of island turning into a volcano can bring in tsunami. Sea will lose its current tranquility. Even then, I must continue rowing southward. War has been tearing the continents on North, West and East to Crescendore all apart. Those were nearer from Crescendore than the one I am trying to reach in South, though. All my life beaten by humans I left one place after another. Yet I embraced humans…

Mother and Son

Mother is startled, “What!? Is there dearth of girls in your college?” He winks, “None liked the role. They don’t support the event of vastraharan. You’ll understand. Vastraharan is an epic example of molestation of a woman in hands of in-laws.” Mother interrupts, “Is that what you think?” He quips “Nope.” Then he further explains, “This is how the girls think in the college. The girls have put posters and wrote those things I’ve just told you. They have arranged a morcha to protest against the play.” Mother sighs and, then, comments, “Too much politics in everything.” Further she adds, “When is the play?” He cannot hide his exuberance, “Next week. Wednesday. That’s the foundation day of the college.” Mother suggests, “I’d like to do your make-up. Can I come?” He blushes, “Ma! I’m in college now. My friends will laugh at me.” Mother bargains, “Can I come and watch the play?” He agrees reluctantly. Following days his mother keeps on showing him all the sarees to him. She begs him with e…

Deepa’s Actualization

Deepa has been working hard. For years. She had only one dream in her life. A dream of attaining a standard of life. Earning a life of comfort for her parents. Transcending their lives of toil and pain to a life of tranquility and breather. In this crowded world, she only has her parents. Despite their illiteracy, they admitted Deepa to an Convent school so that she not only becomes literate, but she learns good English. They have arranged for best tutors and coaching centers so that Deepa can become a software engineer. Deepa started earning a living at a very young age of twelve. She used to provide tuition to her neighborhood kids. In Laxma Puram, the village where Deepa was born to her lower caste parents and has been brought up, all the people belonged to one or the other lower castes and were illiterate till the generation of Deepa’s parents. These parents used to earn a living from hard physical labor of wage earner. The entire village aspired to do well financially and as firs…

বাংলা মিনি সাগার প্রথম সংকলন হাফসেঞ্চুরি পাওয়া যাচ্ছে

বাংলা ভাষায় মিনি সাগার প্রথম সংকলন। লেখকেরও প্রথম বই। এতে আছে ৫০টি বিভিন্ন স্বাদের মিনি সাগা, যার থেকে কিছু মিনি সাগা সৃষ্টি ও কর্ণিকা ওয়েবম্যাগ দুটিতে ছাপা হয়েছে। বইয়ের ভূমিকায় লেখক বলেছেনঃ
“দি ডেইলি টেলিগ্রাফ আয়োজিত ১৯৯৯ সালের মিনি সাগা প্রতিযোগিতার নিয়ম – পঞ্চাশ শব্দের মধ্যে গল্পের শুরু, বিস্তার, শেষ; শিরোনাম সর্বাধিক পনের শব্দের, হাইফেন দিয়ে জোড়া শব্দের সংখ্যা লেখকের স্বেচ্ছাধীন -মেনে এই সংকলনের পঞ্চাশটা মিনি সাগা লিখেছি।
বিশদ বিবরণ এই লিঙ্কেঃ
অল্প কথার গল্প/ Stories of Few Words

Complain to the Election Commission of India


Subject: Total Prohibition on use of Amplifiers, Banners and Roadside Stages in Election campaign

Dear ECI,

       We are already receiving campaign contents through text messages to our cell phones. Besides, there are election  campaigns through social media, viz., FaceBook, WhatsApp and YouTube. Also, there are campaigns through advertising slots of Radio (FM and AM [short, mediam, broad waves]) and television. Messages from political parties, their conglomerates, individual candidates, candidates' aides are anyway before us all the time. 

       Thus, old ways of campaigning through amplifiers are redundant. If election time amplifier usage can totally be prohibited then it can be prohibited for religious purposes, too. Amplifiers disturbs students, agonizes patients, annoys children and elderly people, distract drivers and pedestrians. It causes disruptions in life. 

       Similarly, banners sprouting from any public pole and angle is redundant. Moreover, B…